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EComFacts has organic followers from around the world and reaches millions of users online. In the current digital media climate, owning an Instagram page OR running E-Commerce (dropship) stores are known to have the most rapid growth and monetary value. As two business models that are completely unrelated to each other, both have an uncapped potential with boundless scalability.

As a private community, we have rapidly grown to over 1,000,000 Instagram followers in just over two years, while specializing in building long-lasting relationships with our mentees & students. Using EComFacts, I represent the potential of taking advantage of the digital world to create stable sources of income, and further inspire entrepreneurs to pursue their business ventures on these platforms.

Introducing Myself

I’m Ryan Keen, a 22 year old University student from Canada. I studied in the medical field, in New York. Through social media, I have amassed more success in the past few years than the average human does in a lifetime. My goal isn’t to brag; it’s to show individuals the potential of running online-businesses. Unlike most "experts" out there, I'm not going to say I was in debt or bankrupt before social media "changed" my life - I wasn't. However, growing up, I never had the privilege of being in a wealthy family. My parents managed to accumulate enough money for me to graduate high-school and attend post-secondary. Along side my formal education, I worked a few side hustles to pay off some bills. I lived an average lifestyle.

Being raised in an average household, I was always known as the young 'entrepreneur' who made money from selling unused toys, shovelling snow, mowing lawns, etc. It wasn't too long before I realized I had a talent, where I could turn ordinary tasks into lucrative streams of income, even if they were only small sums of money. At the age of 17, I stumbled across Instagram, but I was late to the trend. There were millions of influencers out there making a fortune off this free platform. Immediately, I started a page, without planning or researching, to repost interesting photos. Paying no attention to the small details (timing, engagement, algorithm, etc.), my page plateaued at roughly 30,000 followers. Even with tens of thousands of followers, I wasn't able to make a single dime and my passion for operating online businesses died off. 

What changed? I pictured my future as an accountant, as a doctor, as an engineer (the most profitable corporate jobs at the time), and none of them appealed to me. Imagine working 40 hours a week for someone else, to only earn a few hundred dollars. The thought of working a ‘9-5’ job behind a desk, with a two-week vacation per year brought my entrepreneurial mindset right back. 

As a University student, I had to balance my formal education along with my online business ventures (Instagram mainly). The required workload did not stop me from spending nearly twenty hours every day for several months to figure out the proper formula for building a successful online business. Through research, experimentation, and failure, I finally found the right model for social media expansion. Furthermore, I created multiple income streams off of Instagram, which gave me enough funds to repeat the entire experimentation process with the E-Commerce (dropship) industry. Nowadays, with only twenty minutes on my phone, I’m able to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

Instead of spending years figuring out how to grow & monetize on Instagram or trying to build the perfect dropship store, I can provide you with a 30 minute daily routine to follow, to help accelerate your learning curve. Along side the routine, you will receive customized guides, tailored blueprints, and dozens of other features. You’ll also gain access to plenty of resources, such as designer agencies for media creation, one-on-one business calls with me, network exposure, and much more. I have failed miserably, but I have also succeeded massively afterwards. Learn from my mistakes, let me map out each and every step for you.

Success is a decision. I’ve narrowed it down for you. The only decision you need to make is if you’re ready to join my team. To learn more about the two business models I currently use, tap the links below:

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E-commerce Mastery - Dropship Dominance

Business Accelerator - Keen Investors

"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”