At some point in your Instagram career, you must’ve asked yourself, “Should I buy followers?” Let me elaborate on this topic, from my perspective.

We’ll start with what and where these followers come from. Bot followers are inactive, inorganically created accounts. Some look real, some look fake. They are created by scripts that generate tens of thousands of accounts on a daily basis.

How do you gain bot followers? Typically, using certain hashtags such as “Like4Like,” “Follow4Follow,” etc. will attract bot followers, as they’re scripted to follow accounts that use those hashtags. 99% of pages on Instagram have bot followers. Liking certain photos, using certain hashtags, etc. WILL get you bot followers. It’s inevitable.

HOWEVER, do not get this confused with organic pages that are scripted to follow you on certain actions. Many organic pages have third-party scripts that follow/unfollow or like/ comment on certain pages if the script is triggered.

Another method people use, is to purchase these bot followers. It’s against Instagram policy to inorganically pump followers, so I HIGHLY suggest to AVOID purchasing followers.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons:

Benefits of Buying Followers:

- Your page seems bigger than it’s true size
- You can charge more for advertisement posts
- You may be able to network with other big pages

Cons of Buying Followers:

- Expensive (ranging from $10-80 per thousand followers)
- Your page may get flagged and most likely banned by Instagram
- 0 Engagement (fake followers won’t don’t like or comment on photos) - Frowned upon by the entire Influencer community

People see right through fake accounts - your engagement will be trash. Even if you have 100k fake followers, you’ll be lucky to get 50 likes on your photo. It’s extremely expensive, and on the rare occasion, a company will fall for your fraudulent service. You won’t be able to monetize a fake account. Monetization only works if you have an organic and loyal audience.


How can you tell if a page is inorganic? Aside from it’s low engagement, ask to see their story views. Ask to see their impressions, or reach. They’ll have little to none.

Sadly, it’s quite easy to purchase followers. What does this mean? Rivals or competitors may buy you fake followers just to ruin your reputation. It’s a common problem in the community. For instance, I’ve had this happen to me on several occasions, and recently as well. It’s cruel and a waste of money for them.

What do I do to prevent these inorganic followers from being pumped into my page? I can’t do much to be completely honest. Sometimes, I catch it happening, so I turn my account onto a private setting and try my best to decline the requests. I strongly believe in being transparent and honest. I frequently show my page stats on my stories (30 to 80 thousand story views on average, millions of weekly impressions/reach) to prove that my page does have organic followers. However, it’s impossible for me to prevent every attempt, by my competitors, to ruin my reputation.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, temporary fix. You can contact Instagram to have them remove bot followers. They sift through your page and remove the inactive, inorganic followers for you. I have this done once a month, and it usually removes a couple thousand at a time. Bot followers are organically accumulated through posting (hashtags) and liking certain photos, as mentioned before, or through unethical methods of purchasing them. It’s a great idea to have your page cleaned from time to time. Personally, I’d rather have a 100k organic page than a 500k inorganic one.

A message to those who are wasting their time and money to try and ruin the reputation of organic pages: please stop. It’s a scumbag move. A lot of us are building long-term, reputable brands. Instead of wasting your money and time on this, invest into building your own business. You’ll be better off staying in your own lane rather than trying to ruin someone else’s.

To everyone else: keep hustling and keep grinding, it’ll pay off soon.

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