Business Proficiency Call

Business Proficiency Call

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Please read below for in-depth descriptions of the features included in this program, along with the disclaimers & refund policy. All sales are final, and non-refundable due to the nature of the digital product.

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Business Proficiency Call

Presenting one of the most efficient consulting services offered by Levanté, half a decade worth of business experience, knowledge, and resources compacted into a one-time conference call with the founder of Levanté, along with our team of associates.

During this call, you, along with the option to bring along one other participant, can inquire about any of the selected topics. You will receive honest & in-depth responses, and we will assist you to the best of our abilities. Mentorship through e-mails and messages can have limitations. Within this one-on-one call, you will have live assistance from one of the best consulting teams offered on the Internet. From social media mastery all the way to financial management and health/wellness management, we offer a wide selection of expertise for you to explore through.

(Read below for additional disclaimers and terms of service)


Please acknowledge that you will need to plan out and write a series of questions/topics for us to discuss. We are not responsible for prolonging the conversation. Please also be aware that you will be charged the full amount, even if our call ends before the time duration you've paid for. During this call, you will have our un-divided attention, providing you with a full sixty-minutes of productivity. With that being said, we are not liable for un-discussed topics due to a shortage of time. We would rather provide thorough and in-depth guidance regarding each topic.

We do not offer financial advice, or purport any get-rich-quick schemes. Our results are unordinary. You may achieve the same, less, or more results than us. By purchasing our consulting call, we are sharing our knowledge and experience with you, to the best of our abilities. Please be advised that none of our products or services guarantee results. You alone are responsible for pursuing and committing to your business ventures. This call is for us to share our business experience with you, to guide you away from the mistakes we've made. We will provide guidance to the best of our ability, but please be advised that this is not financial and/or legal advice, nor is this a substitute.

Please be aware that all calls will be recorded for our safety and legal purposes. This will also help us further develop our own efficiency during these calls. We reserve the right to cancel the call before, or leave during the call at any given moment. If the call is cancelled by us (from our end), you will receive a full refund in the exact amount you paid. If this is a case of a technical difficulty, each party will be required to notify each other (via direct message or e-mail), and will have a grace-period of 15 minutes to reconnect. If you fail to do so, you will be charged the full amount, regardless of how long the call lasted. If we fail to notify you or fail to reconnect within that timeframe, you will be refunded the full-amount you paid for.

This does NOT guarantee you’ll make money, or reach financial success. At Levanté, we do NOT purport any ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, nor do we provide ‘simple-steps’ to financial freedom. We believe in hard work and consistent progress. As mentioned before, your results and success is dependant on you. As Levanté provides a summarization of our knowledge, experience, and resources through these programs/calls in the form of digital goods, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Please do not proceed with this investment if you do not agree with any of the disclaimers stated above. Please also be sure to read over my Terms of Service/Disclaimers before proceeding to invest in any of my programs or services.