3 Major Factors to your Financial Life:

Your Friends:

I recently talked about this on my Instagram story, but who you surround yourself with is one of the major deciding factors of where you’re headed in life. If you hang around 4 broke friends, you’ll be the 5th. If you hang around 4 overweight friends, you’ll be the 5th. Vice versa, if you’re always hanging out with the same 4 fit-friends, you’ll naturally develop their eating habits, gym routine, etc. which in turn will make you the 5th fit-friend.

You need to be selfish. You can’t stay around people with no ambition. Like I always say, if you have a million dollar mind, don’t surround yourself with one-cent minds. Surround yourself with individuals who have the same vision as you, they’ll force you to level up. You’ll always be motivated to do more, to be more, and to achieve more.

Trust me, something as small as friend-choice can single handedly shape your future.

Your Mentor:

You NEED a mentor. If you’re on a path in life that’s different than others, you’ll struggle. You won’t have guidance on your own, you won’t know what steps to take, you won’t know what to do. Your parents never took this path and your teachers definitely won’t know how to help. View yourself as a baby who was dropped into the World of Business.

How do you select the right mentor? First of all, make sure they’re willing to help. Secondly, pick a mentor that has the life you want to live. There’s a famous saying, “if you learn from them, you’ll become them.” If you find a genuine mentor who motivates you, provides value, and has an appealing lifestyle, go for them.

Mentors are usually pretty pricey. They’re basically summarizing their life’s work for you, making sure you’re avoiding every single mistake they’ve made. They’ll put you on the right track, and should guide you every step of the way.

Is it worth the money? Essentially, you’re given a map to success. A map to avoid every downfall, every obstacle. It’s like having cheat codes to a game. You’ll always be ahead of others. You can decide if it’s worth it.

Your Actions:

You can work with the best mentor, you can have the best friend group, but none of that matters unless you take action. Whatever you’re planning, whatever you’re deciding, just do it. You can never launch too early.

Your ideas may be similar to my businesses - running an Instagram page, or running a Dropship store. What’s stopping you from starting a page? It’s free, easy to run, and can be accessed anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet and a smartphone). You’ve seen how much money I make from running 12 streams of income from my page, I’d say it’s worth trying, especially since it’s free to start.

Or, it may be an E-commerce store. What’s stopping you from trying it out? It’s less than $50 to start, and can generate an infinite amount of money for you, passively. You can launch your first business in less than a day.

Each step you take will put you one-step closer to financial freedom. If you’re 100,000 steps away, you better start walking now. Anything is better than being stuck in a cubicle for the next 50 years of your life.

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*This is not financial or legal advice. I am sharing my personal experience with you.