Instagram Influencing - Introduction

What exactly is Instagram influencing, or what exactly does it mean to run an Instagram page and make money from it? I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about it a countless number of times on my Instagram stories, so let me elaborate:

The term Instagram influencing refers to being able to influence an audience with your page. It doesn’t matter what size your page is, it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, even a personal account could count as an influencing page. It just so happens my page is over 1 Million followers, and I influence more people than the average page does. Keep in mind, page size does not directly correlate to making more money. A 1000 follower page could make more money than a 100,000 follower page, given that the 1k page owner knows exactly what they’re doing.

So, how exactly do you become an influencer? It’s as simple as starting a page in a niche of your choice, preferably something you’re passionate for (cars, fitness, travelling, etc.). You curate photos from photographers and repost them on your Instagram feed, giving credit to the rightful owners of the photo. Through hashtags, consistent posting, and a few other factors, you’ll be able to grow an audience that’ll find your page appealing.

By owning an influential page, you’ll be open to hundreds of monetization opportunities, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, brand deals, and much more. As easy as this sounds, it’s quite hard to succeed in this industry, without guidance. You’re competing with millions of other pages who are posting the exact same photos as you. Not only would your growth be limited, it would be nearly impossible to monetize a page without proper guidance. I mean, you could run advertisement posts and earn $30 per week, but we both know you should be aiming for more than that!

Personally, I have sourced 12 streams of income from my Instagram page alone. Click funnels, landing page, click-conversions, and more - all related to backend marketing streams of income. You should notice that I never post ads on my page. It’s not worth the time and effort, when I could earn 10x the amount doing other comprehensive streams of income. You’ve seen the numbers, you’ve seen the results a single Instagram page can pull each month.

Don’t get this confused with E-commerce Dropship stores. Dropshipping is a completely separate business model that is not related to Instagram influencing whatsoever. It’s simply being the middle man between suppliers and consumers. I’ll write a short introductory blog on Dropshipping as well.

If you’re currently an Instagram influencer already, congratulations! You’re already ahead of 90% of Instagram users. A page as low as 10,000 followers has the potential to make a healthy 6-figure income per year, given that it’s organic, and the owner knows exactly what he’s doing. Pages under 10k followers would be capped around a few hundred dollars per day, and it would be pretty hard to hit a 6-figure income with their size. If you only have a personal page, that’s fine as well. In fact, you’ll have a higher engagement rate than most influencer pages, meaning it’ll be easier to monetize from. It doesn’t matter what your size is (500+ followers at least), it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, even if it’s a personal page, you have the potential to derive multiple sources of income from your page.

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