What is the Law of Attraction? How does it work?

To send out a specific type of energy to the Universe and in return, you’ll receive what you attract and believe in.

How do you bring something that’s merely a dream into reality? How can you wish for $10 million dollars and have it come to reality? How can you simply picture a Ferrari in your mind and receive one within a year? The Law of Attraction.

Let’s start with a common example seen all over the world. Individual happiness. Mental-illness is a very common issue, and let me explain why it’s serious. An individual who is suffering depression or anxiety will continue to experience these emotions because of the energy they’re sending to the universe. They believe people are looking-down at them. They believe they have no friends, no one to talk to. They believe there is overwhelming pressure collapsing on them. This is why there are pills to suppress these emotions and control their illness. It brings them out of their own consciousness. I’m not here to teach you how to get out of mental-illness, or belittle it. I’m here to teach you a more positive perspective of the Law of Attraction and how to access the full potential of your consciousness.

Let’s say you want a Lamborghini. However, you’re no where close to being financially ready for one. How can you possibly get one? Reverse-process this dream. Picture yourself buying the Lamborghini. Picture yourself driving it, starting the engine, blasting music. Picture yourself touching the leather. Smell the leather. Picture the bystanders turning their heads to look at your car. Every morning and every night, picture yourself driving this Lamborghini. The exact model, the exact year, the color, the specs. Picture the car in your garage.

Let’s say you want to retire your parents and buy them a mansion to live in. Picture yourself meeting with your real estate agent. Picture yourself making the bank transfers with your lawyers. Picture every inch of design to this house, the location, the color, the backyard. Picture yourself telling them they’ll never have to work a single minute again. Picture yourself walking them through the front door and saying, “this is all yours.” Embrace the feeling of finally being able to repay your parents for everything they’ve done for you. Embrace the feeling of being able to say, “I retired my parents.”

Through this process, you’ve given out your energy to the Universe. You’ve told the Universe exactly what you want and that you’ve already manifested this dream. The Universe will present opportunities to you, for you to take action upon. You need to believe in yourself and your vision. You need to believe everything you’ve pictured will come true. You need to believe that it’s not a matter of if you’ll receive that Lamborghini, or if you’ll receive a million dollars, it’s a matter of when you’ll receive it.

The results of your manifestation:

This is important - the Universe won’t just drop a million dollars onto your lap because you’ve wished for it. A Lamborghini won’t just appear in your garage because you’ve pictured it. What the Universe does is, it provides you with opportunities to act as stepping-stones to reach your dream. If you don’t act upon these opportunities and you choose to remain where you are, none of this will work. As a 22 year old, I’m able to own nearly any luxury car out there, and have numerous properties around the world. I’m not here to brag, I’m here to show you the true potential of believing in yourself. Just about all my accomplishments were through believing in the Law of Attraction and having faith.

The biggest risk to take is to start working a 9-5 career. You lose all your freedom. You work 40 hours every week for a whole year, just to receive a week or two of freedom. You manage to scrape by each bill. You can barely afford your own living expenses, how do you expect to provide for your girlfriend or significant other, your wife, or an entire family? Let’s say you’re able to save $15,000 a year, which is A LOT, to use as entertainment funds. You need to go 20 years without spending a single dollar on vacation, movies, clothing, etc., just to save up for your Lamborghini. You’re simply daydreaming.

If you continue to stay conservative and passive, you’ll never achieve your goals. That’s the harsh truth. You need to believe in yourself and start reverse-processing your dreams. The Universe WILL provide you with opportunities to reach your goals. Your job is to be aware of them and know when to take leaps of faith. They say, “a penny saved, is a penny earned.” A penny is still a f*cking penny, and that’s all you’ll have if you stick with that mindset.

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*This is not financial or legal advice. I am sharing my personal experience with you.