Mental success - Having a stress-free life. I’m not talking about settling for an average lifestyle. What I mean is, if a certain idea, business, situation, doesn’t work out as planned, you’ll be fine and mentally ready to start venturing into a new idea once again. Here’s how I personally view stressful/pressuring events: one day, I’ll be the CEO of an extremely big company, even bigger than what I’ve already created. Everything I’ve dealt with or am currently dealing with are called ‘typical situations.’ What are typical situations? For instance, fear of public speaking, nervous on a date, nervous when talking to a client on the phone, not being able to complete a task on time, etc. Essentially, all of these are scenarios are warming me up to deal with the real world. Using these typical events as stepping stones, I'll be more confident when dealing with real-world situations - whether that’s settling 8-9 figure deals, closing high-end clients, dealing with life- threatening (business aspect) situations. These typical situations are NOTHING compared to what I’ll be dealing with when I become a Fortune 500 CEO. That’s how I view mental success - being able to mentally determine the scale of your current problem and realizing it’s not as stressful as you thought.

Physical success - This is fairly self-explanatory. Being physically in-shape is not only appealing for yourself and to others, but it progresses your mental health as well. You may or may not be into fitness, but I’ll talk about how fitness has helped my businesses these past few years. Starting at the age of 17, I started going to my local gym on a daily basis. 4 years later, I haven’t missed more than 10 gym sessions. This has helped me develop a routine & schedule, to stay on top of my goals. It takes 21 days of doing something to turn it into a habit. Once you’re in the fitness industry, you’ll realize a dramatic difference in your lifestyle. Your health, your confidence, your ability to think clearly - everything changes.

Financial success - 'Financial freedom' is when your passive income exceeds your expenses. What is financial freedom to me? Being able to do what you want, when you want, with no one to answer to. No 9-5 corporate job, no boss to answer to, no schedule to work to. I’m not talking about a lazy lifestyle. I’m talking about working 20 hours a day for yourself to avoid working 8 hours for someone else - ALL to build towards your goals. I don’t consider myself as financially successful yet. I can’t buy whatever I want, whenever I want.

Spiritual success - This aspect of success is overseen and underestimated. What is spiritual success to me? Knowing where I am in life, where I want to be, and how to get there. That’s not all - spiritual success is also being realistic with your goals and your current situation. If a current business isn’t successful, you can’t hope for a miracle to happen and say it’ll take off and make you 6-figures next month or next year. You need to make change. Upgrade it, develop it, market it. When I first started my Instagram page, I wasn’t making money. I mean, I was making a few hundred dollars from advertising but that’s not something you can make a living off of. I realized that and decided to make change. I researched, I experimented, I failed, and then I succeeded.

Now that we’ve established a few aspects of success, and you have a firm understanding of where I’m coming from, I can start elaborating on how I got here. The Law of Attraction. What is this? It’s more than just wishing for something to come true. It’s envisioning it, living it, embracing the vision, and accepting it. For instance, let’s say you want to become a millionaire. Picture yourself in a millionaire’s home. Picture yourself in your dream car. Picture yourself turning the engine on. Smell the interior leather. Picture yourself at the bank. Picture a specific, 7-figure number in your bank. Picture yourself spending the money you earn. Picture your lifestyle changing day by day. Tell yourself you’ll become a millionaire. Start thinking like one. Start talking like one. Once it’s become a routine to do all this, you’ll know it’s not if you’ll become a millionaire, it’s how long will it take before you become one. Everything I’ve accomplished in life was through believing and having faith it’ll all come true.

Let’s talk about financial freedom. It doesn’t exist. There’s always something that can make you bankrupt. There’s always something that costs more than what you can afford. Don’t aim for financial freedom, aim for financial confidence. What is financial confidence? Having confidence that you can make money anywhere, anytime. I’m not talking about just believing you can, you need to see results. You need to know you have the capability to partake in current trends and improvise to every generation of the turbulent markets. You’re not depending on one market, you’re not depending on a stock, you depend on yourself. That’s the ultimate financial security.

Passive income. What is passive income? This does not happen overnight. Yes, it’s effortless to collect passive income, but it’s extremely hard to build up to the point where your money makes itself. Keep in mind, just because something is passive income right now, doesn’t mean its stable. Just because you may have a source of passive income right now, it doesn’t mean you’ll have this one month from now, one year from now. In school, we were never taught to learn how to generate other streams of income, other than the 9-5 corporate job. We were never equipped with the skills. This is what separates the 1% of earners from the other 99%. Think about it - when you think of passive income, you think of Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, all these major companies generate passive income. NONE of them were created overnight. ALL of them took at least a decade to develop. In fact, search up any interview with the world’s richest individuals - not once did they mention passive income or financial freedom. Passive income is quite dangerous. You can’t outcompete the market passively. You can’t maintain loyal customers passively. You have to actively work and continue to provide support to maintain the integrity of your business. So in the end, is it really passive income?

Investments. How do you know what to invest in, in the current era? With all these get-rich-quick schemes online, it’s hard to tell what will truly benefit you. It’s simple - ask yourself, will this program, will this mentorship, will this book benefit what I’m doing right now? You can’t just buy a magic pill and have it solve all your problems for you. The goal is to buy a pill that will help YOU solve your problems by further developing what you’re already doing. I’m not saying don’t invest in yourself. I’m saying don’t invest if it’s not something you’re already doing on your own. You need to be passionate and interested in what you’re venturing into. The reason why my successful students have amassed so much success in what they do is because they were ALREADY influencers on their own. They’ve already built the foundation and developed interest & passion for social media marketing.

How do you find what type of business to venture into? Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s money to be made. Think about it - whether you’re interested in eating, in fitness, in gambling, in real estate, EVERYTHING can be profitable. As long as you’re following what you’re interested in, you’ll continue to provide value and development without feeling like it’s work. You can’t chase money. Chase your vision and the money will follow. As cliché and corny as it sounds, it’s completely true.

Let’s talk about going into business with different mindsets. If you go into a business with the sole purpose of making money, you won’t get far. If you go into the business with the intention of providing value and helping others, you’ll become successful in half the aspects we’ve talked about. Provide value when it’s unpaid for - that’s how you increase credibility and leverage. It’s a simple formula - create value and the money will follow.

Priorities. The biggest weakness in my generation is that people don’t know how to prioritize their time. It’s true, people plan for the weekend when entrepreneurs like us plan for the next 5, 10, 25 years. I’ve built my daily routine to living a healthy, business-based lifestyle around my formal education. Yes, I am still a University student - I use it to network, self-teach, and critically think. All around me are people who passively live their lives. No one takes action in creating their lives. It’s extremely rare to stumble upon someone who has the same mindset as me, who has the same priorities as me. How do you build a priority list? Build a routine first. Complete the most important tasks you have at hand and progress downwards. After that, continue to do what you’re passionate about, and if it happens to be your business, you’re on track to success.

Most people don’t aim for retirement, they aim for doing what retired people do. All aspects of life ties to each other. Once you master one aspect, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success in the other industries. Humans are subjected to perform in comfortable situations. Once you step outside the box and operate unordinary events/businesses, you’ll excel in most achievable aspects of life.

To me, there are four signs an individual will become a millionaire:

Number one: you’re impatient. You have to get things done as soon as you think of them. Number two: you find ways to make money aside from the known corporate jobs. Number three: you invest. Whether that’s in yourself (a mentor, a program), real estate, stocks, etc. Number four: you plan ahead. You reverse engineer as we described above.

Even this free download is an investment as you most likely learned a few things. If you can relate to at least 3 of the characteristic listed above, it’s likely you’re a natural entrepreneur. If you can relate to all 4, it’s likely you’re on track to becoming a millionaire.

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