Let’s start with a common scenario: You know you want to do something different, something that’s not a 9-5 job. You want to venture outwards into the world of business. You talk to the people around you, your family and friends, and what do they say? Play it safe, don’t take that risk. Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk - if all these successful entrepreneurs ‘played it safe’ and didn’t take risks, the world would be dramatically different right now. Who you listen to is critical for success. Always consider your source of advice.

Yes, your family and friends may have the best intentions for you, but they haven’t been there and done that, regarding what you’re passionate about. Would you take advice from an overweight person on how to lose weight? Would you take advice from a smoker on how to quit smoking? You wouldn’t. So, why would you take advice from a person who hasn’t been there and done exactly what you want to pursue? In terms of money, regardless of how close they are or who they are, STOP taking advice from poor people on how to get rich.

Ask yourself, are they qualified to give me advice on what I want to do? Listen to yourself, listen to your gut instinct. Only listen to people who have been there and done that. Let me phrase it this way - when you take their advice, you take their lifestyle. You will get what they have. If their lifestyle isn’t appealing to you, DON’T TAKE ADVICE FROM THEM.

Mentor Advice

I’ve mentioned how critical having a mentor is, so I’m assuming you’ve browsed around for one to say the least. Is this mentor right for you? The way I see the relation between a mentor/mentee is based on interaction. A mentor isn’t someone who throws a book at you and tells you to read about their life. A mentor isn’t someone who stops caring about you after you’ve paid them. A mentor teaches you, a mentor impacts your life. They shift your perspective on certain things.

How do you tell if your mentor is right for you? To me, you need to find a mentor who you truly resonate with. Not just because they’re successful. Are they experts in the field you’re passionate about? Are they transparent, honest and trustworthy to you? Ask yourself, “Is this person where I want to be?” It’s that simple.

You need to be willing to go deep into a relation with your mentor. You won’t truly master what they have to offer unless you’re thinking long-term and building an interactive relationship with them.

Do your values align? For instance, if you’re interested in traditional business building (barber shop, restaurant, clothing store), if you’re interested in having 5 different girlfriends, if you’re interested in the party lifestyle, I personally won’t be able to mentor you. There are certain values I respect. I believe in online marketing and living a laptop lifestyle. I believe in respecting others, and taking care of my loved ones. Yes, I do drive fast, exotic cars, but in an appropriate manner. I invest my money into real estate and other ventures. Those are the values I hold.

If you can see yourself learning from this mentor for several years down the line, they are the right one for you. If your values align, and they’re where you want to be, you’ve found the right mentor. Your first step if to find out what you’re passionate about, and where you want to be in life - whether that’s financially, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

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*This is not financial or legal advice. I am sharing my personal experience with you.