Instagram Mastery Program

Instagram Mastery Program

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Please read below for in-depth descriptions of the features included in this program, along with the legal disclaimers and frequently asked questions. All sales are final, and non-refundable due to the nature of this digital product.

If you’re interested in both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery programs for an exclusive price of $797, contact me for more details. One-time fee, lifetime asset.

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Main Features Include: 

・ Private mentorship (highest value)

・ Direct, one-on-one consulting calls

・ Resource/funding access (leverage up to $100,000 of mine)

・ Network introduction (exposure to millions of Instagram users)

・ Unlimited shoutouts on EComFacts

・ Complimentary Program Upgrades

Additional Features Include: 

・ Investor’s in-depth guide to Monetization / Growth

・ Digital comprehension blueprints

・ Prebuilt marketing templates & scripts

・ Daily routines to follow, step-by-step instructions

・ Much more!

(Read below for in-depth details of everything included in the Instagram Mastery program)

• Private Mentorship - By far the most valuable feature I offer, my private mentorship is built for you to take advantage of. You can flood me with questions at anytime of the day and you'll be prioritized to receive a response first. Each program has been tailored towards the use of my mentorship. It’s about implementing each strategy while executing them properly, and that’s what I’m here for - to walk you through each and every step I’ve taken to monetize and grow my page (via private communication channels).

 Private Consulting Calls - You'll be eligible to apply for dozens of private calls with me, up to a total of 50 hours long. You’ll be talking to me, with the possibility of my advisors joining in (via private communication channels).

• Investors Guide - This program includes a detailed guide summarizing my knowledge and resources, and is designed to accelerate the progress of any Instagram page, with niche and size in mind. The investor’s guide details the strategies I’ve used to grow past 100,000 followers within one month, and how I’ve surpassed 900,000 followers in just over a year. Although I do provide an abundant amount of information regarding growth, the main focus of this program is to be able to create stable streams of income from your page. Disclaimer: the key strategies for growth/monetization does not go into detail in the documents, you’ll learn about them through my private mentorship (via private communication channels).

• Funding Access - As an entrepreneur, our job is to think outside the box, and create a world of ideas out of scraps. However, we’re often limited by our resources and funding for each project, so I’m here to change that for you. If you believe you have an innovative idea, you’ll be able to apply for a project proposal to me, where you may gain funding of up to $100,000. However, your chances of accessing this fund will be very slim as I only invest in ideas that are very unique and unordinary.

• Global Recognition - You'll be granted an unlimited amount of permanent shoutouts on my Instagram page, You will be introduced to my global audience, along with thousands of other influencers/contacts within my network. It's an on-request process, meaning once you request for a shoutout, you’ll be scheduled in for the next available one.

• Business Integration - Your page will be introduced to my networks and contacts that reach up to several million Instagram users. You’ll also be provided with a list of 900+ companies that are constantly seeking out for collaborating opportunities, whether that be affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, or SMMA services to name a few. 

• Comprehensive Blueprints - You'll receive dozens of miniature guides/documents, including ones that summarize each and every step I’ve taken (social media aspect), as well as unique approaches to digital success. Income opportunities, daily routines, algorithm studies, psychology of business, and much more - all tailored to your understanding of social media.

• Templates & Scripts - Within the comprehensive blueprints, you’ll have access to marketing templates/scripts to use. These scripts can be applied to the list of 900+ companies you’ll be given. It’s as simple as copying and pasting the script - I’ve done the work for you.

• EComFacts Affiliate Program - To aid the process of monetizing from your page, you'll be granted a personalized affiliate code to earn up to 75% commission of purchases made by anyone using your code. To make it easier for you, you'll be provided with a set of media content to use.

• Professional Designer Agency - You'll have access to personal designers who will create free logos for your page. You may request to use this service at anytime you wish. Don't waste hundreds of dollars paying for logos and designs elsewhere - everything will be done for you, free of cost.

• In-House Prioritized Student - With the countless number of daily messages I get, it may be slightly difficult to get in contact with me at times. You will always be prioritized above other prospects or general inquiries. This includes giveaways, mentorship, response times, job applications, exclusive offers, etc.

• Close Friends - Once you’ve surpassed the 12-month mark of being a registered EComFacts student, you’ll gain access to my Close Friends group. Private mentorship sessions, live Q&A’s, student group chats, in-person networking events, additional advice/tips, exclusive deals & discounts, and much more (conditions apply, message me for details).

• Complimentary Upgrades - You’ll receive free upgrades every time this program is updated, or has new changes & features.

Frequently Asked Questions - Instagram Mastery Program

Q: What makes your program valuable?

A: As mentioned earlier, my guides, blueprints, and additional program features aren’t as valuable without my mentorship. The highest-valued feature I offer is walking you through every step of the way. It’s having someone there to guide you away from mistakes, and ensure you’re on the right track.

Q: Are there any requirements to join?

A: As long as you have a smartphone, access to the Internet, and access to Instagram, you’ll be able to grow your page. As long as your Instagram page has at least 500 organic followers, you’ll be able to monetize it. Your location does not matter, your gender does not matter, your age does not matter, and your ethnicity does not matter.

Q: Are there any additional costs after the initial payment?

A: No. After the first, one-time registration fee, you will not be required to spend another dollar on me. All of my strategies for growth and monetization are algorithm-proof and free to implement.

Q: How much time is required to follow your guide and routine?

A: I recommend committing 20-30 minutes per day to follow my guidance and routine. However, the more time you put in, the higher chance you’ll see better results.

Q: Are your growth and monetization strategies guaranteed to work?

A: Of course not. I cannot guarantee you’ll grow a single follower, or make a single dollar. I’m sharing what has worked for me, and how you can implement the same strategies onto your page. Most importantly, your results are dependant on your work ethic to say the least.

Q: How could you possibly keep in contact with so many students?

A: If you’ve ever been in contact with me, you’ll know I don’t accept many students (usually referrals only). I focus on the ones I have, and prioritize them.

Q: How long does it take to go through the program/course?

A: That depends on you. Upon registering, the program will be emailed to you. Some students finish the guides/files within hours, some take a few days, and some take even longer.

Q: What is the overall process to become a student?

A: If you purchase the program directly on here, you’ll receive an email from me shortly afterwards with instructions. If you’ve been in contact with me on Instagram, you’ll have direct payment methods and instructions as well. After the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive the entire program via email, along side the benefits and features of the program.

Q: I want to join more than one of your programs, can I get a discount?

A: Yes. I offer a discount, where you can obtain both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery programs for a one-time fee of $797 (instead of paying $597 and $497 for them separately). Please contact me via E-mail or Instagram direct message regarding this.

Q: What is the success rate of your students?

A: The truth is, there is a wide range of results that I’ve seen from my students. From being able to make back their money within hours, to not being able to make a single dollar even after a year. Your results depend on a number of things, including work ethic, commitment, and ability to follow my guidance, to name a few factors.

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Pick up both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery Programs for a one-time fee of $797. Contact me for more details & information.

This is a one-time payment only and no additional fees are required. Before proceeding, please be advised that my results are un-ordinary. My top students’ results are unordinary. You may achieve the same, less or more than us. Results are not guaranteed. As EComFacts is built to provide a summarization of my experience, knowledge, and resources through these programs in the form of digital goods, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please read over my Terms of Service & Disclaimers before proceeding with any of my programs or services.