Millionaire Habits - How to Stay Productive:

Eliminate time consuming people:

I’m not saying cut off everyone in your life, I’m saying increase your productivity by eliminating distractions. For instance, turn off notifications on your mobile device. I never have my notifications on. Facebook, Instagram, text messages - everything is turned off. I reply to people whenever it is convenient for me. Imagine your phone going off every 5 minutes, how are you suppose to get work done?

Here’s the psychology behind it - every time you respond instantly, you’re training people how to respond to you. If you’ve always replied instantly, you’re almost obligated to always do that to maintain your reputation.

All these interruptions, all these notifications, how many of them actually contribute to your productivity? Unless you’re running an online business where you MUST reply instantly, it’s unnecessary to be available 24/7. You can’t be valuable if you’re always available.

Count your money:

Rich people count every single dollar that goes out, every single dollar that comes in, and every single dollar that has been invested. We are financially literate. Be aware of where your money is going, be aware of your cash flow. I look at my bank account every single day to ensure every dollar is being used properly and not a single penny is being wasted. I make my money work for me. I sit down with my accountant every week to get an overview of how I’m doing. Whatever is measured is improved. When you’re buying a car, you’re not paying yourself a reward, you’re paying the dealership. When you’re going on vacation, you’re paying money to the resorts, you’re not paying yourself by celebrating. Paying yourself is when you put money aside to further develop your knowledge or financial situation. Buying a house, hiring a mentor, purchasing a course/program - these are all investments as they further benefit you financially and mentally. Know the difference.

Be impatient:

Patience is NOT a virtue when it comes to acting upon ideas. Name one successful entrepreneur that has become successful by waiting around waiting for the perfect moment to launch their idea. You can’t. As mentioned in my previous ePublication, a sign you’ll become a millionaire is if you’re impatient. As soon as you have an idea, a thought, a project in mind, you act on it. If you’re not embarrassed by your initial product, you’ve launched too late.

Be curious:

Millionaires ALWAYS want to learn more. Whatever will benefit them financially, mentally, spiritually, etc., they’ll always be keen on venturing into a new perspective of understanding. In order to find a problem in the society, you need to be curious as to what’s going on in each market. The lower class, the middle class, and the high class societies. Being curious will only get you halfway there. You need to pursue your curiosity and start acting upon finding a solution to every problem. Not only will you impact people positively, you’ll generate a substantial amount of money while you’re at it.

Millionaire Mindset - How we think:

Create a routine:

This may be seen as a habit, but it’s more maintaining a motivated mindset to keep this routine going on and be committed to it. Create a routine for yourself. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle (foods, fitness, mediation), productivity hour, and resting time period into your routine. Let me elaborate on this:

With a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have more confidence, a clear mind, and be able to think more efficiently. A productivity hour may not necessarily be an hour, but it’s a certain time period where you have your phone turned off, no music, no distractions - pure planning, brainstorming, and executing. A resting time period is where you do whatever you want. Whoever says “millionaire’s don’t sit around on their couch watching T.V” is lying. Most internet-created millionaires are laying in bed watching Netflix half their days, but I’ll talk about this later on. You MUST have resting periods to rejuvenate and rest your mind, assuming you were actually productive during the productivity hour. Go for a run, go for a drive, go watch a movie - anything that doesn’t require much conscious brain activity.

Doing the opposite of what poor people do:

This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Seems easy? Let me explain this mindset: let’s look at this as reverse engineering. It’s hard to see what millionaire think and do, correct? They don’t always tell or show you everything they invest in, how to think, etc. So, let’s look at poor people. Instead of following what they do, let’s do the opposite. Let’s go through an overview of how poor people live - they buy food 3, 4, 5 times a week, they constantly “reward” themselves by buying clothes, staying on top of fashion trends, they save money for the sole purpose of buying a new car. 40 years later, they’re doing the same sh*t, struggling with the same bills, complaining to the same people about their lives.

DO THE OPPOSITE. Start cooking, live a healthier lifestyle (no point being rich if you you don’t have the luxury of time to enjoy what you’ve accomplished), stop rewarding yourselves when you have NOTHING to celebrate yet. Being alcohol free for two weekends in a row is NOT an excuse to spend $500 at a bar and blackout. Getting an A on a quiz is NOT an excuse to blow $100 at the mall. Your milestone result is NOT your final result.

Trust me, this is harder than you think. Even now I give into the temptation of buying food, I mean it’s so much easier to buy than to cook. But the difference is, I have the budget to spend $5000 on food monthly, and unless you do too, I suggest to not follow my footsteps.

Think long-term, not short-term:

Don’t think just because you’ve planned your schedule for the next week, you’ll become a millionaire. The average millionaire plans 1-4 years ahead. Multi-millionaires plan 5-10 years ahead. Billionaires plan for several generations down the line.

This can be seen in many aspects, for instance, don’t choose short-term satisfaction over long-term results. A popular one is achieving a healthy and appealing body. People satisfy their short-term cravings for candy and junk food while ignoring the long-term results of achieving a six pack. This is why half of America is obese. Sorry for being harsh, but I’m not going to lie and say it’s healthy to be too overweight.

Another example is satisfying short-term cravings to buy a car for the purpose of “flexing” on people, to attract a girl/guy, to impress people you don’t care about. Save up for a few years more and you can put a downpayment on a house. The amount of value property grows over a year is INSANE, especially in populated areas. The world is running out of habitable areas.

The last example is related to my last mindset tip: a few years ago, in my first year of University, I received 97% on a mid-term exam (an exam held for your class at the midpoint of your semester/term). I celebrated. I got arrogant and I thought the final exam would be a piece of cake. I skipped every class, I never did my assignments, and I failed the final exam. I mentioned, your milestone results are NOT your final results. There’s always more to learn, there are always smarter ways to invest, and there are always better opportunities to use your money than what you’re about to spend it on.

Millionaire Investments

Real Estate:

The world is running out of room, literally. The habitable areas are becoming less available in most populated areas, that’s why the property prices have been skyrocketing. Not only do you make money from monthly rental fees, you’ll be making money overtime as the property value grows. Most of the earnings are passive as well, meaning no work is required.


You can never read enough books. Reading books is essentially absorbing another individuals mind into your own. The more you read, the more you learn.

What they’re good at:

Invest in what you’re good at. Don’t invest in Cryptocurrency or stocks just because you hear about the hype. That’s how you lose money. Invest in an industry you are familiar with, and what you’re passionate for. If you’re into e-commerce, launch a Dropshipping business, invest into advertising campaigns. If you’re into content creation and editing videos, invest in a camera/editing tools to start a YouTube channel.

In a mentor:

This is the most important investment to make, as I’ve talked about it previously. When I was starting out, there were absolutely no mentors that would show me every step they’ve taken to become a millionaire. I mean, showing someone how to make money just decreases the amount you earn, so why would you? This is EXACTLY why I don’t just accept random people as my students. I only accept individuals who are motivated, ambitious, and have good intentions with their money. I don’t care if they’re paying me $100, $1000, $10,000, or even $100,000 for my mentorship - if they don’t show good intentions with the money they earn, I’d rather not waste my time and effort.

Look at a mentor this way - leverage their knowledge, leverage their time, and leverage their experience. Why would you waste time looking around, researching, experimenting, just to suffer failure? Learn from someone who has been through it all, failed at every possible scenario, and can tell you EXACTLY what to do and what to avoid. Regardless of who your mentor is, make sure they’re experienced in the field you’re venturing into or passionate about. If you’re starting to invest into Cryptocurrency, invest in a trading expert. If you’re starting Real Estate, invest in a knowledgeable agent. If you’re starting social media influencing, invest in a social media expert.

Save your time and effort, there’s no point wasting several years of your life just to acquire the same knowledge you can buy and learn within a few days. This does not mean go throw your money at every mentor you see. Find someone you trust, find someone who is truthful and transparent, find someone who provides true value.

The fact that you’re reading this is a good sign you’ll become successful one day. It’s one thing to read a free blog, but it’s another thing to completely read it and absorb what other’s have to offer. You’re on the right track. Keep going.

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*This is not financial or legal advice. I am sharing my personal experience with you.