Affiliate Marketing

You resell a product, or service that’s already built by someone else. The main skill you have to master as an affiliate marketer is getting traffic and understanding numerous marketing campaign strategies. Your main job is to drive traffic through funnels, landing-pages, etc. The main skills successful affiliate marketers have are being able to get attention and build trust. That’s the foundation you need. People buy because of emotions, not logic. Successful affiliate marketers play into emotions and build relationships. They key to building relationships is NOT to focus on making money. Focus on providing value and knowledge to others, the money will follow after.

“Why would I become an affiliate marketer if I could become the original vendor?” It’s easy to start as an affiliate. The only thing you need to focus on is building relations and driving traffic. Secondly, you learn through other vendors’ products. You see what’s needed in the community, and you see the problem that needs to be solved. Money wise: let’s say you’re offered 30% of a $100 product. That’s $30/sale. If you create your own product, but you don’t have the reach, or credibility, or you can’t provide value, you won’t make sales. 30% of something is much higher than %100 of nothing.

Ad Revenue

Let’s talk about the old way of making money through ad revenue. For instance, you create a blog, you gain attention by providing value, content, and targeting people’s interests. Through Google Adsense, you’d get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your specific blog. Now, things have changed drastically. Now, we have platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook that have private advertisers (sponsors). It’s sometimes better to monetize the backend of business models. For instance, don’t monetize from your YouTube video - it’s more lucrative to monetize from building an email list that you can build after providing free content for viewers. Do not make this your primary source of income, it’s extremely unstable.

E-commerce Marketing

To only mention two, Shopify and Amazon are the most popular e-commerce markets out there right now. It’s about leveraging pre-built and trusted platforms such as Amazon, that has hundreds of millions of in-house buyers. You don’t have to invent anything, you can easily private label products in China or have private distributers. You can find products that are already trending on Amazon, and just think of ways to make it slightly better while providing more value than others. Give people an incentive to buy from you. All the backend work is done for you - the shipping, the fulfillment, the labelling, the inventory storage, the refunds. All you have to do is learn how to identify the best niches and opportunities in the e-commerce market. Learn how to keyword optimize, and how to rank advertisements. In the long-term aspect, it’s not just about selling random trending products, it’s about building a brand while you’re at it. You’re building a brand that happens to sell on Amazon, but you can’t depend on a single platform, so you have to find a way to build a brand outside of Amazon.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most lucrative markets to join, but it’s also the most competitive. For instance, becoming an Instagram Influencer. Through branding, click-funnels, ad revenue, comprehensive marketing, consulting, networking, Instagram Influencing, in my opinion, is the best way to become a millionaire in our current era of time. It’s a free platform to start on. You choose a niche you’re passionate about and you start posting photos related to that niche. Whether it’s travel, cars, food, fitness, everything can be profitable. This is exactly what I teach my students. I operate nearly a dozen income streams on Instagram alone. If you’re wondering how I generate my income, it’s the accumulation of all these streams that sum up what I make.

What’s hard about joining the market is outcompeting millions of other influencers. As you probably know, I teach my students all my streams of income (Instagram Based), algorithm-proof growth/monetization strategies, and how they can implement each method onto their own page(s). I walk with them step-by-step through the entire process.

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*This is not financial or legal advice. I am sharing my personal experience with you.